A Long August

It’s been a bit of an eventful month for me.

My youngest son came over to visit from Sweden for the Summer. Managed to get to Universal Studios with him, last weekend. We had a lot of fun together. He’s even more of a computer addict than I am. A true Screenager.

He flew back, early Monday morning. I really miss him.

On top of that, I’m starting a new job shortly. I’ll be working for a company based in Malta, this time, coding online gambling software. Will be doing so alongside a couple of my old friends from previous jobs – Mike and Matt – who I’m really looking forward to working with again.

I’m sad to be leaving the current job – they’re a really great bunch of people – but five years is a really long time for any coder to work on just one software system.

I’m looking forward to the vertical learning curve and the new challenges ahead. Will be nice to get the Maths part of my brain whirring again. It’s been a while.

The part I’m really looking forward to, however, is that I had the new contract specially drafted to allow me to work on commercial side projects in my spare time. I already have one project lined up. Watch this space.

All in all – this is year four of living in California for me. Aside from the perma-sunshine and living ten minutes away from the ocean, my daily commute is basically me wandering downstairs to my PC in my dressing gown, every morning.

Living the dream.