The madness is infectious, and out in the wild.

Hi, all.

The game is now live — and has been for almost a month.

Launch has been pretty wild. We’ve had lots more feedback than I ever thought we would, given that it’s a first time game for an indy software release. We’ve had video game reviewers give us scores from 6.8/10 to 9/10, which is quite a range.

In short — some people love it, some people — not so much. Those that do love it, seem to really love it. We’re even starting to see people create fan art.

A lot of the controversy centers on the game’s main mechanic — an open text entry field — and the way the game then handles that text entry.

Without diving into specifics — parsing intent in the English language is very hard. The way it works in TIMODD is via a keyword parser, that looks for various keywords and if a match is found, plays the required response.

Some players just can’t find those keywords. We added a hint system, that basically tells the players which keywords to use to get a response, but players don’t seem to want to use it — even though there’s no penalty for doing so.

Other players want to ask questions that we haven’t recorded answers for. Even though we think we’ve produced the world’s largest FMV game (1600 responses, 7 hours of footage) — there’s no realistic way we could cover every possibility.

It’s been interesting. Once the Madness has died down a little, I’ll come back and tell you the things I’ve learned from the whole experience.